Heck Yeah Angel Coulby
Dedicated to the amazing beautiful and talented Angel Coulby who is most famous for her portrayal of Guinevere in BBC's Merlin.


Angel Coulby for 13th Doctor.

I’m not ashamed to be a servant. At least I’m not a liar.


Gwen, #1 requested by clue-lingforlooks for this colour meme! I’ve neglected to draw the ladies of Merlin (like, EVER) so this was a nice change. Might be trying Morgana next? Won’t be taking any more requests, though, sorry! Glad you guys have been enjoying my contributions, sketchy as they are. Thanks for all the love! <3 (My Art Tag)

"It’s the quality and ingenuity of the writing for me. If I read a great story I find myself wanting to be involved in the telling of it."


drew angel a while back btw, i also did colin, but he didn’t turn out as great ^-^

i might post the drawing of him + draw more people of the merlin cast in the future (if you have any requests, you can message me ♪)

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