Heck Yeah Angel Coulby
Dedicated to the amazing beautiful and talented Angel Coulby who is most famous for her portrayal of Guinevere in BBC's Merlin.


Last night I finally got to meet the beautiful Angel Coulby (Photos cannot do justice to her stunning beauty). The Hampstead Theatre doesn’t have a stage door but we were lucky enough to spot her. Emma Thompson was also there for Imelda Staunton who was simply amazing.

We approached Angel and told her how fantastic we thought she was and how talented she is. I got to give her Gwen Pendragon (pictured) and we ended up talking about different crafts I was interested in. Grace got to tell Angel that she was played at the Golden Globes which wasn’t something she knew. She joked that it was a step closer to getting one which we told her she would. She told us it want likely so we said that her talent is too much to not and to remember us.

We spoke fir a good five minutes before we asked for a couple if photos and went on our way.

I can say this for certain, however nice she comes across or you think she is, she is a million times nicer. And I will forever be so grateful for the time she gave to us. Thank you Angel!

Thank you so much for sharing love <3


MERLIN Graphic Battle: gussiemay vs. leyfaery
↳ Round 1: One Character 500x700


Loneliness is the heavy price all Queens must pay when the crown is laid upon their heads.


fake movie picscam || alice in wonderland

  • katie leung as alice liddell
  • ben whishaw as the mad hatter
  • angel coulby as the red queen 

“I don’t think [actresses have to play feisty, Ripley-style action heroines to be perceived as strong female characters]. That basically says that if you want to be a successful woman you have to act like a man, and I think that’s definitely not the case. There are other ways of being strong. It’s not just about being tough and fighting. It’s also about emotional strength and wisdom. I think young girls can learn a lot from that as well. It’s not just about feistiness.” [x]

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